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Do you want to add some class and elegance to your bathroom? Why not consider handcrafted bathroom vanity units? A custom-designed and built vanity from Royal Vanities can add a touch of finesse to your new bathroom or bathroom renovation. Clever storage solutions and one-of-a-kind cabinetry will keep your bathroom tidy and organised. Our services will help you design a new vanity unit. You can opt for simple, classic bathroom vanitiesin Brisbane, or something more sophisticated and modern. Furthermore, if you want a unique look for your bathroom vanity or are looking for specific colours and materials we can help.

Baths, vanity basins, bathroom accessories, bathroom vanity cabinets, tapware, showers, vanities, toilets, heated towel rails, kitchen sinks, shower screens, trays, and plumbing accessories are just a few of the many products we offer. Our showroom enables you to become fully immersed in opulent and environmentally friendly innovations. You can browse our entire selection of bathroom tapware and vanity online.

Style Your Bathroom with Royal Vanities

One of the busiest rooms in the house is the bathroom, so it must be functional, usable, and attractive. The bathroom vanity you select serves as the room's focal point. It affects the room's overall appearance and can make the difference between a space being useful or not. You can choose a bathroom vanity that will compliment your home for years to come by checking out our showroom for the broadest selection of bathroom vanities in Brisbane.
Some of our most popular style bathroom vanities include:

  • Cabinet Style
    A cabinet-style vanity is flexible enough to fit the size of any bathroom and can be mounted on the floor or the wall depending on your needs. The height of household members should be taken into account when deciding between wall-hung vanity units and freestanding bathroom vanities. A higher wall-hung bathroom vanity might be the best option for tall people because bending over to access a low vanity can be painful. A lower floor-mounted vanity might be a better choice if there are kids in the house. In a small bathroom, wall-mounted bathroom cabinets can free up more floor space by allowing for greater flexibility in the configuration and space available.

  • Pedestal
    A pedestal-style vanity unit has a top that seamlessly combines with the base. Compared to vanities with shelves and cabinets, the pedestal style is quite the opposite. Free-standing sinks are another name for pedestal sinks. They look great, take up very little room, and can fit your custom-designed bathroom perfectly. They are:
    • Made of vitreous china or glass
    • Simple to clean and maintain
    • Long-lasting and space-savers
    • Slightly challenging to install

  • Custom-made Vanity Units
    Royal Vanities can customise a vanity unit to match your bathroom's design and layout. You can choose from a variety of finishes, sizes and styles. These include materials like stone, natural or artificial, wood, or laminate. To give the appearance of more space, we can also design floating bathroom vanities. Alternatively, we can personalise full-height vanities to provide additional storage space.

  • Open Shelves Vanity Units
    Due to the space needed for plumbing, drawers and shelves in cabinet-style vanities are frequently quite small and may not be able to accommodate larger items. For homes with a modest collection of toiletries to be on display, an open-shelf vanity is a good choice. Open shelf designs offer enough space for bulkier items while also allowing easy access to everything you need to have nearby.

  • Corner Cabinets
    A corner vanity unit might be a smart choice for a tiny bathroom. It also enables two mirrors to be hung on each wall above the sink at a 90-degree angle, which allows for more light refraction and gives the impression of more space. Its benefits are:
    • Efficient use of space
    • Ideal for guest rooms
    • Improved storage capacity

  • Additional Options to Consider
    For bigger families, a double vanity unit is a good choice. This is very practical as family members use the restroom simultaneously during morning rush hours. But remember that having two sinks may limit your countertop space options. For your vanity, you can also select from a variety of styles and materials, including laminate, glass, two-pack, stone, and wood.

Premium Quality Bathroom Vanities Online in Brisbane, Queensland

Bathroom accessories can be quite difficult to choose from because it takes so long to find items that work well together. Royal Vanities helps you find all the necessary components to make your ideal bathroom a reality. You can trust our experts for professional advice should you require it. They can also provide guidance and improve your original plans by suggesting better options or features. We assist you at every stage and design a modern bathroom that matches your preferences.

With more than 6 years of experience in the field, we have met the needs of hundreds of clients successfully. Our collection of bathroom vanities and supplies has everything from a slimline bathroom vanity to Hampton bathroom vanities to cottage-style vanity and farmhouse vanity units. Also included are accessories like Federation-style tapware, country-style tapware and country-style bathroom vanity. Our affordable, high-quality bathroom vanities are simple and hassle-free to install. We discuss your needs first before providing you with the best options for your ideal vanity unit. You will be assessed at every stage by an excellent support team who will ensure that you have a hassle-free experience from beginning to end.

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Royal Vanities offers stylish bathroom vanities that can be customised to match your home decor perfectly. Made from premium-quality materials, our products are durable and strong. We know that you are searching for fashionable bathroom vanity tops that are also functional. Your needs and fashion preferences are of the utmost importance to us, and quality is our top priority. This is why all our offerings are available at pocket-friendly prices to ensure you have access to the finest bathroom supplies and installations in Brisbane, Cairns, Gold Coast and Townsville. Call us on 03 8719 0581 or write to us at know more about our products and services.


Customised vanities are unique, one-of-a-kind installations that are a great addition to any home. They incorporate all the features that you want, exactly how you want them. Since they are designed according to your requirements, they fit perfectly into your bathroom space. Seeing your design every time you walk into your bathroom is also a nice feeling.

Yes, Royal Vanities provides customisation options for all our products to ensure that they are the perfect fit for your home. You no longer need to stick to standard designs. Instead, you can work with our team to get the perfect vanity unit of your choosing.

We do, indeed. Many of our depots are located throughout Australia, covering metro and rural suburbs in Victoria, New South Wales, the ACT, Queensland, South Australia, and Tasmania.