Choose the Best Wall Hung Floating Bathroom Vanity Unit and Wall Mounted Cabinets in Melbourne, VIC

Wall hung vanity units have become popular as they provide storage cabinets that “float off” the floor. A modern wall mounted bathroom vanity or a wall mounted bathroom cabinet can be the perfect choice if you want a clean, modern look with crisp lines.

The wall hung vanity unit does not have kickboards or “legs”, making your bathroom look spacious and easy to maintain.

We have a wide range of wall mounted bathroom vanity and floating bathroom vanities with various options including different ceramic basins, sizes, countertops, storage spaces, drawer, and door layouts. Our premium quality vanities are available in various sizes.

Our wall hung vanity installations are designed with different drawer and door layouts to suit your plumbing needs. We also have a variety of benchtop options made of engineered quartz stone and ceramics.

You can also get it customised if you wish to keep the counter design similar to that in your kitchen or interior decor.

We prioritise quality, and our wall mounted vanity cabinets have solid surfaces, solid backs, and solid drawer bottoms.

All the corners are reinforced with brackets, and the boards are finely joined to ensure that the vanities have a solid structure that withholds their shape for years. By default, all drawers and doors come in soft closing.

Get a Customised Wall-Hung Vanity Unit for Your Melbourne Home

The beauty of choosing a wall hung vanity unit from us is that if you love a particular design, you can get it made in a size that is best suited for your space.

We offer customisation for smaller bathroom sizes as well. Our customised wall mount vanity is small enough to fit in bathrooms of any size and yet offers a great storage option with soft closed doors. Whether you're looking to buy wall hung vanity or other customised solutions, our products are crafted to meet your specific needs.

We have a beautiful and carefully curated collection of ceramic tapware with brass overflow and integrated bowls.

Our products are ready to be fitted with tapware and come with a warranty. Our quartz stone wall mounted vanity with basins looks amazing and comes without any pre-cuts.

You can choose any ceramic basins to sit on the top and install them in the desired position. All our wall hung vanity installations come with seamless doors and drawers that operate with a finger pull.

These are the various styles, colours, and looks of wall hung vanity units & wall mounted bathroom cabinets that you choose from:

The “natural timber” blends with most colour palettes seamlessly. The laminated surface does not require regular maintenance like hardwood vanities.

They are water-resistant and won’t easily warp or dent. You can explore our range of wall hung vanity units online.

You can explore our entire range, including wall hung vanity and floating vanity options, by visiting the nearest store. Whether you're looking to buy a wall hung vanity or explore other options, our showroom offers a comprehensive display to help you find the perfect fit for your bathroom.

Sizes and Styles of Wall Hung Bathroom Vanity & Wall Mounted Vanity Units with Basin

The wall hung vanity units come in various sizes that you select based on your preference and the space in your bathroom, such as:

  • 750mm wall hung vanity

  • 900mm wall hung vanity

  • 1200mm wall hung vanity

  • 1500mm wall hung vanity

and many more.

We have been providing synonymous storage solutions to modern kitchens and bathrooms since 2016. Our online store experience is effective and simple with quick and careful delivery.

You can have the bathroom décor you need at a price within your budget sooner than you think.

Call us on 03 8719 0581 or write to us at to get assistance in to buy wall hung vanity units that suits your needs and style preferences.

Whether you are a new renovator or a professional builder, we will help you find quality bathroom fixtures that go well with your decor.