Melbourne Country Style & Farmhouse Bathroom Vanities

Do you want to upscale or upgrade your bathroom with the finest country-styled vanity designs and styles? Royal Vanities provides you with unique, and affordable options for country style & farmhouse bathroom vanities in Melbourne.

We are a leading provider of bathroom products and the latest renovation ideas for Melbourne residents. This has made us one of the most sought-after country-style bathroom vanity style bathroom vanity product suppliers and sellers in the city.

Newest bathroom ideas and trends are the key focus of our team. We specialise in providing luxurious and high-quality bathroom vanity designs in the range of federation-style, as well as Victorian-style bathroom vanity products.

Features of Country Style Bathroom Vanity

The country style bathroom vanities are known for their hard-worn surfaces. This is in sharp contrast to the sleek and smooth modern vanities.

These toughened vanities are made of a variety of materials such as Rustic timber and aged brass.

Such bathroom vanities are a perfect fit in Victorian-style houses or farmhouses. They are made to withstand the rough and rugged life of the country and are long-lasting.

These vanities are built to last for a long time and are not frequently changed. You can also mix them with modern décor and furniture for a complementary mix of two styles.

The various recognisable and high-in-demand features of classic bathroom vanities are:

  • Claw-footed bathtubs
  • Subway tiles
  • Enamel skins
  • Rustic timbers

Another reason people prefer this vanity is the feeling of warmth and welcome that it brings. It helps you connect with the nature and outdoors and brings freshness and positivity to the home.

The hallmark of this style of vanities is natural surfaces and a country style that is casual and laid back.

The country-style bathroom vanity is a favoured variety by many customers. You can choose from different woods to match your style and preference, such as:

  • Cheery
  • Oak
  • Pine

You can match this up with a stone countertop or tabletop with a matte or rough-hewn finish for best results.

Consult with our experts who can suggest the best classic vanities. You can also order customised classic bathroom vanities as per your preference.

Why Choose Us for the Finest Country-Style Farm House Bathroom Vanities in Melbourne?

Royal Vanities strives to curate and sell the best and most exclusive range of beautifully designed vanities in Melbourne. We provide you with classic and country-style bathroom vanity designs that you can find nowhere else.

In our large bathroom vanity gallery in Melbourne, you can see exclusive bath space designs and styles made by our bathroom vanity designers and creators.

Our experts are style influencers and provide the finest styles and designs in country-style bathroom vanity designs.

We also have a large collection of the best designs in farmhouse vanity that can fit bathrooms of any size, suit the décor, and are easy to install.

The rustic and country feel that these essential bathroom amenities bring, adds to the beauty and comfort of your home.

Farmhouse vanity is also easy to clean and maintain and is manufactured with materials that make it long-lasting. They come in a variety of sizes and styles and bring comfort and convenience to your bathroom.

Their large storage space can be used to house various toiletries, towels, soaps and other essentials that you need in the bathroom.

Country-style bathroom vanity is pre-assembled and easy to install in the bathroom. The aged wood finish with an engineered stone countertop brings style and convenience that is an unbeatable combination in the bathroom.

Check our online catalogue at or visit our store for the best classic bathroom vanities.

Our high-quality products are manufactured as per Australian Standard MDF solid construction and are guaranteed against any manufacturing defect.

They come in various sizes such as 600mm, 750mm, 1200mm and 1500mm and a variety of finishes and colours.

If you are looking for the finest, most affordable, and most durable country style bathroom vanity designs in Melbourne, visit our exclusive store today. You can also call us on 03 8719 0581 or write at to talk to our bathroom stylists!