Buy LED Mirrors in Melbourne, Australia

Good lighting is extremely important in the bathroom area for day-to-day activities. With sufficient lighting come visibility, accessibility and comfort. Using LED bathroom mirrors is an easy way to amp up your bathroom space. These mirrors are embedded with LED lights or strips to illuminate the edge of their surface.

Royal Vanities is a leading supplier of Bathroom Mirror other accessories in Melbourne, VIC. Our collection includes high-quality bathroom mirrors with lights. They offer a unique style that can be easily incorporated into the existing theme. Depending on their shape, different methods are used to mount them. For example, arched LED mirrors are usually wall-mounted and the lights can be turned on or off, dimmed or changed to a different colour.

Why Choose LED Bathroom Mirrors?

LED mirrors are considered a novelty and much more than mere replacements for traditional mirrors. When paired with the right aesthetics and décor, LED bath mirrors add another dimension to the space. This is what makes them so popular not just for homes but in commercial establishments like hotels and spas. If you're looking to enhance your bathroom's aesthetics, explore options to buy LED mirrors.

Here are some of the many reasons why you should consider buying them.

  • Lighting

    One of the most obvious reasons is that they offer a much brighter and more vivid reflection than their conventional counterparts. Traditional mirrors will depend on other light sources for illumination. This often makes the reflection in the mirror seem dull and lacklustre. The built-in lighting in the LED mirrors will make your reflection vibrant and clear. With a touch of a button, you can adjust the brightness from low to high in certain products.

  • Luxurious Appeal

    LED bathroom mirrors offer a level of luxury that you cannot find elsewhere. A traditional mirror is a solid piece of glass attached to the wall. LED bathroom mirrors on the other hand have LEDs that add to the luminosity and produce a back glow reminiscent of 5-star hotel rooms. If you wish to enhance the appeal of your bathroom, there is no better way than LED mirrors.

  • Long Lasting

    LED mirrors are long-lasting just like LED lights. You can use them in any setting, be it your home, office or business. They are made of temperature and humidity-resistant material with added features like anti-glare.

  • Versatile

    LED bathroom mirrors come in different shapes such as square, pill-shaped, eclipse and much more. You can choose the shape and size depending on your personal preference and bathroom layout.

  • Brightens Up Your Bathroom

    LED mirrors let you create a clean, bright and stylish look. Buy LED mirrors if your bathroom has dark-coloured walls and tiles. They are also perfect for smaller bathrooms as they make your space look spacious and bright.

  • Value for Money

    Though LED mirrors are powered by electricity, they are very cost-efficient. LED lights are known for low energy consumption and long lifespan, making them a cost-efficient choice.

Get Luxurious LED Bathroom Mirrors at Royal Vanities

Royal Vanities is your one-stop shop in Melbourne to buy LED bathroom mirrors and other quality bathroom accessories. We have an exclusive collection of bathroom mirrors with LEDs that offer creative ways to redesign your bathroom. Our products are curated by an expert design team to give you a personalised shopping experience. After all, it is your home and we want it to be perfect for you.

Whether you are looking for a sleek, modern aesthetic or a traditional and artsy look, we can offer whatever you need. We have something for every need and budget. You can choose from a variety of sizes, designs and shapes to turn your design dreams into reality. Our range of products includes LED round mirrors in 900mm sizes, circle light mirrors, 1500mm LED mirrors and more.

To know more about our products and services, you can call us on 0387 190 581 or write an email to us at Our support team is always at hand to provide the best assistance.

LED lights are some of the best options as they offer extra brightness and illumination. You will be able to easily find things in the bathroom while getting ready. The reflection in the mirror will also be clear and vibrant

A warm, white light provides the most flattering look and feels to your bathroom.

LED bathroom mirrors are battery-operated and have a switch on the bottom corner. You need not install an external switch.