Buy Laundry Sink Cabinets in Melbourne, Australia

When you are renovating your old bathroom or building a new one, most of your thoughts will revolve around the washer and dryer. After all, they are the big purchases and do most of the hard work. However, there is one indispensable feature that will play a supportive role in your laundry room: a laundry sink with a cabinet. They are widely used as they reduce the burden on your washers.

You can use laundry sink cabinets in many ways. The laundry tub sink is a large capacity rugged sink primarily used to soak clothes before putting them in the washer. When you are giving your laundry room a makeover, you can also consider adding a laundry tub sink with cabinet. At Royal Vanities, we can assist you in choosing the best laundry sink for your house. You no longer have to struggle with the wobbly legs of a flimsy plastic tub. A laundry sink cabinet will provide your laundry room with a clean and bright environment.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Laundry Sink With Cabinets

Laundry sink cabinets are different from other sinks because they have extra-deep sinks to facilitate the spraying of water with minimal slashing on vigorous scrubbing. You can customise the depth of the laundry sink from 10 inches to 25 inches, whereas a bathroom sink will be only up to 6 to 8 inches deep.

You can put every inch to work by choosing a square or rectangular shape. To determine the best option, consider the tasks you ought to perform in the sink and the type of cleaners that you are going to use. With us, you can explore a wide range of materials and styles before finalising your choice. However, you should consider the following factors to make the best decision:

  • Placement of the sink:

    It is an important factor that will affect your decisions. If you want to keep the wet zone intact, you might want to add the laundry tub sink right next to the washer. This way, you can keep all the plumbing lines together. You will also be able to easily transfer soaked clothes for pretreated laundry without a lot of dripping mess. If you are one of those lucky people with a huge laundry area you can opt for a double-basin vintage laundry sink with a cabinet. You can cater to your distinguished needs by having extra features like a second basin or drainboard.

  • Material:

    Laundry sink cabinets come in a variety of materials and you will have to choose the one that caters to your needs as well as style preferences. Stainless steel laundry sink cabinets are a smart choice because they won’t stain, chip or fade. No matter what you drop inside, the sink won’t break. On the other hand, poly marble top sink cabinets will be a modern addition to our contemporary home as they offer you a warm appearance and durable solid surface.

  • Size:

    The size of the cabinet will depend on the laundry requirement of your household. You might want to choose a bigger version if you have a big family. Also, keep in mind the free space that will be left after adding a washer dryer and laundry sink cabinet. You must ensure that there is enough room to perform other tasks. This way you won’t end up having brooms, tubs, and baskets lying all around the floor and creating an unnecessary fuss.

  • Budget:

    Last but not least thing to take into consideration is the budget. When you are renovating your bathroom space, you need to keep in mind the functionalities that you require and the budget that you can afford.

For all kinds of high-quality laundry units, sinks or bathroom necessities, look no further than Royal Vanities. We have a team of certified specialists who will help you explore every option and find the one that perfectly caters to your needs and style preferences. To know more, call us on 03 8719 0581 or email us at You can come to visit our well-stocked showroom if you live anywhere in Melbourne, Victoria, or Bayswater North.


There is a wide range of options that you can choose from; such as single-bowl or double-bowl sinks available in the market. You can select the one depending on the size of the laundry room and your requirement. Reach out to us to buy the best quality laundry sink with a cabinet in Melbourne.

Over time and usage, laundry sink cabinets can get scratched, stained and grubby. It is best to use a removable filter to catch things before they enter the drainage lines. You must not dump toxic chemicals like paints and thinners in your laundry sink because they are connected to your regular sewage pipes and septic tanks.