Buy Black Framed Shower Screens in Melbourne, Australia

Bathrooms are one of those special areas in a house that will require you to make a creative choice that goes well with the interior of the building. While looking for a new shower screen, you might be confused about whether to install a framed or a frameless one. Framed shower screens will perfectly fit in a structure that will hold the wall, ceiling, and shower screen in place. Whereas, the frameless shower screen uses brackets and hinges for support.

If you are someone looking for a conventional enclosure then the black framed shower screen will be the perfect choice for your bathroom. These shower screens are designed beautifully to add a modern twist to the conventional set-up. At Royal Vanities, you can get a fully framed shower screen custom-made after getting your bathroom accurately measured. You can opt for a sliding door if you are looking for a traditional setup. On the other hand, you can choose a pivotal door if you want to give your bathroom a streamlined look and wider door access. We offer the most durable, cost-effective, and waterproof shower screen solutions that will enhance the aesthetic of your bathroom.

Benefits of Installing a Fully Framed Shower Screen

Premium quality framed shower screens are elegant and sleek in design. You can enjoy a defined and clear access to the space as well as reduce the area where mould and dirt can build up. These fully framed shower screens are easy to clean and they will complement the look of your entire bath space. Moreover, they are available in a wide range of styles, finishes, and configurations to suit any kind of interior design. Here are the benefits that you will enjoy when you choose our framed shower screens.

  • Adds a traditional touch to your modern home If you want a Victorian-style bathroom with ornate fittings and a claw foot tub then a fully framed shower screen will be the perfect addition to complete the look.

  • Better insulationFramed shower screens will let you enjoy a toasty and warm showering experience as they provide better insulation by keeping the heat in and the cold out.

  • Provides watertight solution This type ofshower screen has tracks, caulks, and seals to help the fixture perfectly fit in the frame and to keep the water in the shower area. So, the framed shower screen provides a better watertight solution than the frameless counterpart.

  • Affordable and easy to installFramed shower screens are cost-effective options when compared to frameless alternatives. You can effortlessly minimise the gaps and leaks in your shower and it also takes less amount of work to install them.

  • Stable screens Theseshower screens have steadier glass and the screen is safer as it firmly sits in the structure. The frame structure will be able to hold the weight of the glass in place effortlessly.

With our matte black fully framed shower screen, you will get the best of both design and functionality. We offer reliable products that are made with the best quality materials. At Royal Vanities, our team will help you complete the look of your space and make it visually more appealing. We pride ourselves on following the most demanding safety measures and guidelines in the industry. As a renowned company, we understand your distinguished requirements and strive to provide you with the best products and the utmost customer satisfaction.

Our matte black fully framed shower screen is what makes us stand out in the market. You can call us on 03 8719 0581 or email us at to learn more. If you live in Victoria, Melbourne or Bayswater North, feel free to step into our store to view our range of collections that will surely exceed your expectations.


While choosing a shower screen, there are three things that you must keep in mind. The design that you are looking to achieve, the functionality that you want, and the budget you are willing to allocate.

Yes, fully framed shower screens are an affordable choice for your bathroom as they use thinner glass and the frames can be easily hung on any surface.

Fully framed shower screens can ideally fit into any kind of bathroom. They have a robust construction and full-length moulding integrated into the door design that will let you enjoy years of hassle-free service.