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Are you planning a bathroom renovation? Well, you likely want attractive design options and good deals on products. If so, we've got you covered! Royal Vanities is one of the top bathroom showrooms in Seaford.

You can visit our display showrooms and chat with our expert team about your needs. Our luxurious supplies seamlessly blend with their environment while maintaining functionality. We provide top-notch bathroom accessories so that you can enjoy a stylish practical, and contemporary bathroom.

Explore Our Range of Bathroom Supplies

A well-maintained bathroom creates a unique experience. That’s why it's essential to prioritise high-quality, durable materials when choosing bathroom supplies. Our professional vanity makers and designers collaborate to achieve the best quality products. We use meticulously sourced high-quality materials like stone, ceramic, and stainless steel that are timeless, offering lasting functionality. 

With our vast and quality bathroom supplies, we have helped countless customers find the perfect pieces for their homes. Also, our store offers aesthetic and durable bathroom products at affordable prices.

Our collections include:


Bathroom Showroom Seaford

41 Hartnett Drive, Seaford, Victoria, 3198

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  1. Bathroom Vanities: Bathroom vanities make a significant difference to the look and ambience of your bathroom. It is a storage solution and a statement piece – it combines functionality with design and style. Popular options include fluted vanities, curved vanities, timber-look and coloured vanities, and other contemporary or Hampton designs.
    We have a range of sleek bathroom cabinets and vanities in various sizes, with options for one or two basins. Moreover, these bathroom vanity units and cabinets come in multiple finishes. It includes natural marble, solid timber, and ceramic.
  2. Tapware: At Royal Vanities, we offer bathroom tapware for your bath area to best suit your needs. You need to ensure that the tapware complements the decor and fittings of your bathroom. Always check the dimensions of your sink and bathroom vanity to choose the perfect tapware. This needs to be done carefully as tapware that is too small or too large might not be easy to use.
    Prioritise features and user-friendliness when you’re exploring available designs or options. It is also vital to consider who uses the taps—if you have elderly individuals or children at home, it's best to select a tap with a straightforward design that's easy to use.
  3. Showers: We are a reliable supplier of Shower products such as:
    1. Shower rails
    2. Shower mixers
    3. Shower screens
    4. Shower grates
    Visit our physical store to explore our collections or browse our website in the comfort of your home. Our collection includes everything from shower heads to hand showers, so you can easily find what you're looking for in one convenient location.
  4. Bathtubs: We aim to provide long-lasting, functional, and aesthetically pleasing bathtubs, regardless of your style preferences. Our collection includes various bathtub supplies from reputable industry manufacturers, such as freestanding tubs and built-in bathtubs. Additionally, we offer a wide array of accessories, allowing you to customize your new tub.
    Choosing the perfect bathtub for your bathroom comes down to individual preferences. The convenience of using it depends on its shape, construction, and material. Therefore, invest in a bathtub that meets your requirements.
  5. Shower Screens or Bases: We provide high-quality yet affordable shower screens, bases, and accessories. Our specialists design shower panels using the finest materials to ensure quality. Whether you want free-standing shower screens or fancy sliding glass doors, we have everything you need in our bathroom supply store.
  6. Toilet: Our toilets come with comfortable seating and sturdy flushing systems. They require minimal maintenance and the plumbing is easy to access in most cases if you need any repairs in the future.
    We provide a wide selection of toilets, including rimless toilets and smart toilets. They are available in various shapes, sizes, and styles, each meticulously crafted to integrate seamlessly into any existing space.
  7. Bathroom Accessories: With us, you can get different bathroom accessories, including Victorian-style and contemporary towel ladders. We also offer shower accessories, toilet rails, hooks, paper roll holders, and more. It will help you find the perfect accessory for giving your bathroom a luxurious treatment.
  8. Basins and Sinks: If you want stylish and durable basins and sinks to suit your bathroom, we can help! Before getting a sink, check the size of your bathroom design or powder room.
    Our collections include wall-hung basins, under-mount basins, top-mount basins, in-set basins, etc. You also have the option to choose different finishes and colours instead of the usual white and black range.
  9. Mirrors and Mirror Cabinets: Our bathroom showroom has different mirrors in-store and online to enhance your bathroom design. These mirrors come in various styles at different price ranges. The bathroom mirrors we sell include mirror cabinets, LED light mirrors, and different bathroom mirrors.

Royal Vanities Seaford—Visit Our Bathroom Showroom or Buy Online

Royal Vanities includes all sorts of bathroom supplies to help turn the bathroom of your dreams into reality. Our vanities are made from MDF, laminate, timber and timber veneer, and have DTC draw runners. We also have benchtops of natural marble, solid surface, American oak, and Messmate timber.

We always keep a large stock of bathroom vanities and are prepared to deliver them promptly. If you need help selecting bathroom products for your home or business in Seaford, call us on 03 8905 4985 or email us at