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Mirrors are a must-have in every bathroom. Bathroom wall mirrors are the first thing that grabs your attention as soon as you enter the bathroom. It is an essential aspect of any bathroom decor, offering more than just practicality. Beautiful mirrors add great aesthetic value to the space. The mirror you choose will set the theme and feel of your entire bathroom. Hence, it is worth learning about the different bathroom styles popular in modern home design.

If you are a fan of modern homes, a minimal and sleek mirror could be the right choice for your needs. At Royal Vanities, we offer a wide range of bathroom mirrors and accessories. With us, you can find the perfect product for your space. Whether you are building a new bathroom from scratch or updating the existing one, you can rely on us for quality products.

What Are the Benefits of Bathroom Mirrors?

Bathroom mirrors serve a lot of purposes, from creating an illusion of a bigger space to reflecting your personal tastes. They are a great way to add style and functionality to your bathroom space. One of the key benefits of bath mirrors is their versatility. They are available in different shapes, styles, colours and designs. You can easily find a mirror that enhances your bathroom design and fits the existing style.

Another advantage of bathroom mirrors lies in their ability to enhance the room. Mirrors reflect sunlight and create an illumination of a bigger space. This will make smaller bathrooms look and feel bigger. They are also a great choice to add more lighting to your bathroom, making it easier to get ready in the morning. Moreover, they can be installed quickly and are cost-effective. For instance, corner bathroom mirrors are easy to install and maintain. All it takes is a simple installation to upgrade the look and feel of your bathroom.

If you are looking for a stylish yet practical way to enhance your bathroom, you can consider buying bathroom mirrors online. Royal Vanities has an extensive selection of high-quality bathroom mirrors in different designs and price ranges. Browse our collection to find the perfect one for your space.

Some of the bathroom or powder room mirrors that we sell include

How to Choose the Perfect Bathroom Mirror?

Bathroom mirrors are accent pieces that can easily become the focal point of any space. It is, therefore, worth putting extra thought into the selection process. When we look at a mirror, we see a reflection of many things even before we see the mirror itself. Here are a few things that you need to consider when you buy bathroom mirrors online.


Your height, the size of your sink and the available wall space are a few important factors to consider. You would want the mirror to be a few inches above the eye level of the tallest person in your house. At the same time, it should hang low enough that the shortest member can easily see the mirror.

Small mirrors, large mirrors and mirrors in between sizes all offer something different. Many homeowners have a preference between small and large mirrors, but either can do their job perfectly. If you're in the market to buy a mirror, consider your space and aesthetic preferences to find the perfect fit for your needs. A small mirror will leave room for other wall décoritems such as scones. On the other hand, a large mirror will visually make your bathroom appear larger.

You can decide to hang a mirror that covers the entire height of your wall. If you have a narrow vanity, you can opt for a smaller-sized one that will fit perfectly above the sink. To ensure that the mirror you purchase meets your needs, measure the sink or vanity unit. You can opt for a size that is as large as your vanity or a little smaller. It is not recommended to go beyond that size.

Mirror Shape

With so many options available, you can get creative when you choose the shape of your mirror. The most traditional options are rectangular or oval mirrors for bathrooms. Here are a few mirror types in our collection that you can consider for your home.

  • Round bathroom mirror
  • Square mirror
  • Pill mirror
  • Timber arch mirror
  • Bevel edge mirror
  • Black oval mirror
  • Anti-fog mirror
  • Hampton style mirrors
  • Arch shaped mirror
  • Hampton style mirrors
  • Black-framed bathroom mirrors

Single or Multiple Mirrors

If you have multiple sinks or a wide vanity, you can use multiple mirrors or a single, large mirror. Using skinny and tall mirrors can be used to emphasise the height of the room. A single large mirror will open up the space by reflecting the opposite wall. Ultimately the decision will be based on your personal choice.

Framed vs Frameless Mirrors

Framed mirrors are a stylish choice that will give your bathroom a modern feel. You can achieve a clean, airy and spa-like look even in traditional homes where the other decorative elements are present. Frameless mirrors, on the other hand, are suitable for modern, minimalist or contemporary spaces without a lot of decor items. You can also mix and match to create a unique look for your bathroom.

Why Choose Us for Bathroom Mirrors in Australia?

Regardless of the size of your home or office, the bathroom is one of the most important spaces. Compromising on quality will only mean more expenses in the long run. Royal Vanities offers practical, stylish and durable bath mirrors for any bathroom space. We make persistent efforts to exceed your expectations every time. Our range of products means that you can find the right product for your home at the best prices. The result is a beautifully designed home complete with the right accessories. Whether you're looking to buy a mirror to enhance your space or seeking other home essentials, we've got you covered.

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Unless you are installing a full wall mirror from the vanity top to the ceiling, it is best to place the mirror above the highest point of your vanity unit. This is generally 5-10 inches above the top of the faucet.

Rectangular and oval bathroom mirrors are the most common types. However, you should not restrict yourself to just these two styles. Experiment with other shapes to find the perfect fit for your bathroom.