Buy Federation Style Tapware in Melbourne, Australia

Federation-style tapware is a popular choice in Australian homes even today. This type of tapware bursts with charm and will make you feel nostalgic. It is a timeless aesthetic that has been a popular choice for all the right reasons. At Royal Vanities, we will help you masterfully recreate the elegance of the royal era. You can choose bold pattern tile floors and bordered tile walls to elevate the look even more.

Federation-style bathrooms will give a touch of grandeur and a sophisticated appearance to older bathrooms. Different types of tapware and various other things can change the whole vibe of your new bathroom. This way, you can simply beautify and transform an ordinary place into a luxurious one without much effort.

Add Luxury to Your Bathroom With Our Elegant Federation Style Tapware

With our wide range of tapware, you can not only bring the vibe of the golden era but also give your bathroom an opulent transformation. To create a traditional look, you can also use the intricate tiling design which includes featured, tessellated, skirting and capping tiles with distinctive tiled floor patterns. Antique mirrors and federation-style tapware are the first things that should strike your mind when you want the feel of yesteryears in your bathroom. In short, you can easily recreate this true nostalgic design by incorporating a few antique styles such as floor tiling, mirrors, and tapware.

To add a hint of stunning luxury and antique style, incorporate a period style into your bathroom. With the style, consistency, and metallic finish of the federation-style tapware, you can effortlessly tie a whole aesthetic of your space. For more of a traditional look, you can choose classic chrome. Whereas, if you are someone that is not afraid to experiment, you can go for warmer metallics like copper or brass. Lastly, for a textured look, you can opt for satin chrome or brushed nickel.

AtRoyal Vanities, we aim to add instant charm to your bathroom with our collection of federation-style tapware and accessories. You can find simple and affordable accents to quickly transform the area. Call us on 03 8719 0581 or email us at to talk to our experts. They will help you every step of the way with all the relevant information. If you live in Victoria, Melbourne or Bayswater North, feel free to visit our store and experience the products in person.